Sharon J. Stone, MHA, CDFM

Sharon J. Stone is a highly respected public servant and a committed advocacy community leader. She is mission driven and a proven leader. Sharon is a Certified Defense Financial Manager with the Department of Defense with over 40 years of civilian service. She received the Meritorious Service Award Civilian Service for her tremendous, dedicated service as a Senior Financial Analyst and Performance Planning Program Manager. She develops, implements, evaluates, and continuously evolves an annual strategic planning program. These programs integrate healthcare clinical and business operations in a standard process. She is also the recipient of the Spirit of Service Award from the Department of Defense for Public and Community Service. Additionally, she is the recipient of numerous awards at the local level. Lastly, Sharon is currently enrolled into the Sorensen Political Leaders Program.

Sharon demonstrates her leadership abilities through successfully serving NCBW at the national, state, and local levels. She serves as the National Chair, Public Policy Committee and has served as National Co-chair where she was appointed in April 2019. Sharon is very active in her local chapter, National Coalition of 100 Black Women Inc., Prince William County Chapter, Inc. Sharon serves as Corresponding Secretary, the Executive Board, Executive Team for the Mental Health Awareness Program, Chair Social and Political Action Committee and serves on many other committees, such as: Arts & Letters, Scholarships, and Chairs the Technology Team, just to name a few.

One of her many professional organizational attributes is, she is a Board Member and volunteers at the Army Board for Correction of Military Records. Sharon is the Assistant Church Clerk at First Mount Zion Baptist Church, Dumfries, VA. where she performs her duties with excellence.
Sharon is also owner/CEO of ClayStone Coaching, LLC., helping women to define what it is they desire and empower them to achieve their goals and aspirations. Her love language is Acts of Service which is displayed in her volunteer activities in her community, church, and career. In her spare time, Ms. Stone enjoys traveling, reading and outdoor adventure.